“Sensual Strength Training” with Makeda Voletta

Last week I was thrilled to see Makeda Voletta, aka The Body Scientist, featured in Clutch Magazine as one of 10 Black Women Teaching Us About Sex. There is no question that Makeda’s Sensual Strength Training workshop should be on every woman’s bedroom bucket list.

It’s not just all the talk about yoni eggs (see below), womb wellness or the African dance Makeda remixes her personal training skills with. It’s all the extra goodies about diet, yoga, good reads and uncommon tips Makeda Voleltta’s Youtube clips comes with. All of it gets women talking about their bodies, sex and relationships in the most honest of ways.

And I dig it.

Actually, I loved Makeda’s video tips so much I hopped on a Megabus to check out her Sensual Strength Workshop for myself.

Between you and me, I didn’t know what to expect from Makeda’s Sensual Strength Workshop. I kept my fingers crossed that it wasn’t some sort of weekend-long “toy party” filled with frustrated women complaining about their reality TV-style relationships.

Once I got passed the studio entrance that looked like something out of the Matrix, I met women who were the exact opposite. This Sensual Strength Training workshop was filled with some of the most open-minded women I’ve ever met.

Makeda Voletta’s workshop schools women (and a growing number of men) on the importance of women toning those teeny tiny muscles that support child birth and sex.

A few minutes after the workshop started, I understood why Makeda Voletta calls herself The Body Scientist. As a an Olympic Weightlifting Coach and Certified Sports Nutritionist, Makeda makes a mind-body-spirit connection to womb health and sensual fitness. Makeda helps women understand the relationship between their beliefs about womanhood, its affect on their own female anatomy and the importance hip heavy movements in African dance as a way of circulating healthy energy in the pelvis and womb.

I don’t want to give too much away. But if you ask me, I think Makeda Voletta’s Sensual Strength Training workshop is important for a few reasons.

  • It builds confidence.
  • The workshops helps women overcome shame when it comes to sex.
  • Makeda offers natural tips to ease uterine concerns like painful periods, endometriosis or fibroids that can lead to hysterectomies.
  • Many women need physical support to recover from childbirth.
  • Some women need emotional and physical support to address body issues caused by low self-esteem or even sexual abuse.

Lucky for me, Makeda agreed to sit down for Spirit Syrup’s first interview! We spent 20-minutes or so talking about her work, what inspired the Sensual Strength Training workshop and how it’s empowering women all over the United States and the Caribbean.


Wombyn, mother, wife, speaker, occasional blogger and stiletto addict. Since 2005, Nyeela Hughes has been inspiring women to be the real leader of their lives with unforgettable workshops and audacity coaching. Email me at info@spiritsyrup.com.

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